Marco Sanchez

My wife and I were planning to buy a house for some time and we knew buying our first house could be stressful. We had a short window to make it happen, but from day one, we immediately felt Stuart was committed to help us. He contacted us right way and we met in his office, he helped us understand the buying process and answered all our questions, he gave us pointers on what to expect, who to reach out and how to prepare. His experience with the market was on-point, he helped us understand better what we like, always adding to our list his own pick of potential houses to make sure we explored every option. Every step, from looking for the house, the offer, the buying process and then after buying the house, Stuart was always there and responsive and a great guidance exceeding expectations. Not to mention the LISA SISKO team that stayed on top of things. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone looking to sell or buy their house whenever I get a chance.

— Marco Sanchez