Bob and Kathe Summers

My name is Bob Summers and I would like to make the following declaration on behalf of my wife Kathe and I:

Kathe and I have purposely waited for about 6 weeks to express our thoughts/comments on the selling of my parent’s home. This is to insure we are expressing ourselves without emotion and being factual; the sale of a home is serious business. We believe that Professionalism is something to be admired. We also believe that when this professionalism can be mixed with care and concern for those involved that it is something to behold. Simply stated, the sale of my parents house (already an emotional challenge) was graciously handled by Debbie Ribinskas and the Lisa Sisko Team. We honestly do not know how it could have been handled any better than the effort they provided. We would be glad to verify this to anyone considering them to assist in a real estate move. 

— Bob and Kathe Summers